Released 30 January 1995 (highest UK chart position: #3)
Re-released 5 May 2017 as Leftism 22

Track 1 written by Barnes / P. Daley / E. Daley
Track 2 written by Barnes / Daley / Cole
Tracks 3, 6, 7, 9 & 11 written by Barnes / Daley
Track 4 written by Barnes / Daley / Rupkina
Track 5 written by Barnes / Daley / Halliday
Track 8 written by Barnes / Daley / Clarke
Track 10 written by Barnes / Daley / Lydon
Track 11 written by Barnes / Daley / Sissay

Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 engineered by Adam Wren
Tracks 1 & 9 engineered by Joe Gibb
Tracks 4, 7 & 10 engineered by Ollie J
Track 11 engineered by Simon Duffy.

Produced and Mixed by Leftfield.

Recorded at Rollover Studios, London W10. Mastered by Paul Solomons at Porky’s.


1. Release The Pressure (feat. Earl Sixteen) 7:39
2. Afro-Left (feat. Djum Djum) 7:32
3. Melt 5:10
4. Song Of Life 7:03
5. Original (feat. Toni Halliday) 6:22
6. Black Flute 3:46
7. Space Shanty 7:14
8. Inspection (Check One) (feat. Danny Red) 6:29
9. Storm 3000 5:44
10. Open Up (feat. John Lydon) 6:52
11. 21st Century Poem (feat. Lemn Sissay) 4:39


The initial vinyl release was a triple-album with a slightly re-ordered tracklisting:

A1. Release The Pressure (feat. Earl Sixteen) 7:39
A2. Afro-Left (feat. Djum Djum) 7:32
B1. Cut For Life 7:09
B2. Melt 5:15
C1. Black Flute 3:56
C2. Original (feat. Toni Halliday) 6:22
D1. Inspection (Check One) (feat. Danny Red) 6:29
D2. Space Shanty 7:14
E1. Storm 3000 5:45
E2. Half Past Dub 3:38
F1. Open Up (feat. John Lydon) 8:44
F2. 21st Century Poem (feat. Lemn Sissay) 4:39

  • Cut For Life is an alternative version of Song Of Life.
  • Half Past Dub is a mix of a track called “Lambsbread”, originally by Glen Brown & King Tubby. It was released on the Select Cuts From Blood & Fire (Chapter Two) compilation in 2002. You can hear it on Youtube via the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Open Up is 2 minutes longer than the standard version.

Leftism was re-released in 2000 with a bonus disc of remixes and b-sides (including Cut For Life).

Leftism 22

A new re-release for 2017 featuring a remastered version of the album plus a bonus disc of contemporary remixes:

1. Release The Pressure (Adrian Sherwood Mix)
2. Afro Left (Hodge & Peverelist Mix)
3. Melt (Quiet Village Mix)
4. Song Of Life (BodyJack Mix)
5. Original (Adesse Versions Mix)
6. Black Flute (Ben Simms Mix)
7. Space Shanty (Voiski Mix)
8. Inspection (Check One) (Maafi Mix)
9. Storm 3000 (Dungeon Meat Mix)
10. Open Up (Skream Mix)
11. 21st Century Poem (Zomby Mix)

The original triple-LP of Leftism has also been remastered and re-released.

Further facts

There’s a longer version of Black Flute on a promotional-only EP that was released a few weeks before the album.

The very first pressings of Leftism featured an uncleared sample on Release The Pressure (at times 3:19 and 6:23). As a result, the album had to be rapidly withdrawn and re-pressed with the sample changed.

Release The Pressure and Song Of Life were originally released as singles three years previously on Neil and Paul’s Hard Hands label. They were re-recorded completely from scratch for the album. Release The Pressure was only released on vinyl and has a slower tempo. Song Of Life had a simpler, more dance-orientated arrangement.

The recording of the album was financed entirely by Leftfield themselves so that they retained full artistic control. The record deal with Columbia/Sony was secured only shortly before the release of the album.

Release The Pressure was subsequently remixed again and released as a single a year after Leftism. This version featured additional vocals/lyrics from Cheshire Cat.

Leftism was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize in 1995 but lost out to Dummy by Portishead.

You can find out more detailed information about the different pressings / versions of Leftism from around the world on the Discogs website.

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