Release The Pressure (1992)

Release The Pressure (featuring Earl Sixteen)

Released 1992

Produced & Mixed by Leftfield

Written by N. Barnes, P. Daley & E. Daley / * N. Barnes & P. Daley

Engineered by Chris Jones @ Rollover Studios, W10


A1. Release The Pressure (The Vocal Mix) 8:08
B1. Release The Pressure (The Rough Dub)* 8:40
B2. Release The Pressure (The Desert Edit) 5:02

Further facts

This was the first Leftfield release on Neil and Paul’s own Hard Hands label.

The lyrics are a direct lift from the song Trials And Crosses, a 12″ single that Earl Sixteen released back in 1981 on the Greensleeves label (with a song by Barry Brown on the flip side). You can hear it on the Youtube link below.

There’s a rare, shorter edit of The Vocal Mix that clocks in at just under 5 minutes but has a unique break in it. It’s only ever been released on the Trance Dance compilation and a CD that was given away by Mixmag magazine in 2001.

Release The Pressure was subsequently re-recorded from scratch for the Leftism album. It was then remixed again for a single release a year later with additional lyrics/vocals from Cheshire Cat.

You can find out more detailed information about the different pressings / versions of this first version of Release The Pressure on the Discogs website.