SHALLOW GRAVE - music from the motion picture

released 1995



  1. Shallow Grave 4:35 Leftfield*
  2. Shallow Grave Theme Simon Boswell
  3. My Baby Just Cares For Me Nina Simone
  4. Laugh Riot Simon Boswell
  5. Release The Dubs 5:44 Leftfield**
  6. Strip The Willow John Camichael Band
  7. Loft Conversion Simon Boswell
  8. A Spade, We Need A Spade Simon Boswell
  9. Shallow Grave, Deep Depression Simon Boswell
  10. Hugo's Last Trip Simon Boswell
  11. Happy Heart Andy Williams

* and ** N. Barnes and P. Daley, Hard (UK) Hands Publishing Ltd. produced and mixed by Leftfield.

* voice by Christopher Eccleston.

** this is 'version 2' from the Release the Dubs 12"...

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