released 2001

Written by O.Jacobs, Lalo Creme & Jack Hues, except 03 written by O.Jacobs, J.Barnett, L.Creme, S.Beresford, W.Hensel, S.Morley & B.Housley. EMI Music Publishing. Produced by Arkarna & Jack Hues except 03 produced by Arkarna. Recorded and mixed by Ollie Jacobs @ Roll Over Studio, London W10.

Vocals, Programmed Drums & Keyboards by Ollie Jacobs. Background Vocals by Maryanne Morgan & Ollie Jacobs. Guitar by Jack Hues & Ollie Jacobs. Bass Guitar by Lalo Creme.

Engineered by Ollie Jacobs & Bruin Housley. Track 02: Remix and Additional Production by Peter Rauhofer for Unique Productions. Additional Keyboards by Georg O.Luksch. Track 03: Assistant Engineer Bruin Housley. Track 04: Remixed and Additional Production by Paul Daley. Remix Engineer Adam Wren.

Art Direction Jonathon Cooke. Illustration Bernie Reed.

Australian release


(8573864642 / WE739)

WEA / Warner Music Australia

  1. Skin (Radio Edit)
  2. Skin (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix)
  3. Eat Me (Album Version)
  4. Skin (Paul Daley Needlebliss Mix) 5:19
  5. Skin (Ollie J Mix)
  6. Skin (Grinstretcher Mix)
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