BAMBAATAA invites us to "get electrified" with him over the familiar Leftfield beats, while a robot from a low-budget Seventies sci-fi programme, possibly on loan from Apollo Four Forty, follows him everywhere. Hmm.

M: "Daft Punk! You certainly need to be in a club. Either that or on MTV, cos the video's made by Chris Cunningham, so that's got to be brilliant. It's got a good analogue sound to it. If it's got a good video, it'll be great."

C: "You can't really read much into it, it's just sounds, bass noise, I wouldn't listen to it. I'd hear it in a club as part of the background with something else to focus on. I'll always hate stuff like that."

review by Emma Johnston, with Matthew Bellamy & Chris Wolstenholme of Muse (nicked from Melody Maker, dated 11 September 1999)