As eagerly anticipated as 'The Phantom Menace' and almost as disappointing. Not that this chunky electro monster, with the distorted bark of Afrika Bambaataa, doesn't do the business but it's no 'Phat Planet' - more an update of the likes of 'Afro Left' and 'Inspection (Check One)' than a great leap forward. Recorded two years ago and showing its age, there's far better to come on the album.

*** (out of 5)

also reviewed by Deep Dish

Ali: "This just makes me want to breakdance. It's cool. True breakdancers unite! It brings back that era. The thing is that The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy have kind of milked that sound and for Leftfield to try to outdo them with that sound is a bit unrealistic."

**** (out of 5)

Sharam: "I'm disappointed and I'm a bigger fan of Leftfield than Ali. I have all their remixes from '91, '92, '93. 'Not Forgotten' is still one of my favourite records. They were like the originators of progressive house and breakbeat. This would have worked three or four years back but now everyone else has taken that sound and milked it so it sounds like just another breakbeat record. They've waited too long."

*** (out of 5)

(nicked from 'Muzik', dated September 1999)