(pic: Steve Double) (pic: Steve Double) (pic: Steve Double)
VIBES cadet Kris Needs and Secret Knowledge partner Wonder team up with Leftfield for an absolute stonker of a tune that is already tearing at club floors with its flipside's 12-minute acid dub mix. The 'Delta Belter Vocal Symphony' adds some cracking strings that elevate you to the outer levels of euphoria whilst honouring Wonder's suggestive tones.

The good punk Needs persists in making floor-filling gems with a conscious edge that just can't be ignored. With the frighteningly excellent 'Sugar Daddy' as Secret Knowledge (third single being recorded as we type!) due to be followed up by a collaboration in the trance trouser department with Belfast DJ David Holmes, respect is most certainly due.

VIBES Vibe by Vibe Scribe Of The Week

(nicked from New Musical Express 'Groove Check' section, dated 14 August 1993)