Towering above anything else on the idea-strapped 'Rhythm & Stealth' LP, 'Dusted' comes as a timely reminder of just how potent, provocative and downright powerful hip-hop can still be when unleashed from the constraints of R&B conformism. And, as is the case with truly innovative records, it's 'all in the mix'. MOBO-winner Roots Manuva's abstract lyrical flow marrying perfectly with the weird, contorted groove to create something so brand-spankingly new it sounds like it came from Somewhere Else. Further offworldly delights come courtesy of Tipper and Pressure Drop's imaginative version excursions, each escorting 'Dusted' to far-out places that, up until now, hip-hop was unwilling to go.

Single Of the Week

(nicked from 'New Musical Express (Turntable Turn-Ons)', dated 20 November 1999)