Paul and Neil's debut 'Not Forgotten' is often credited with firing the jets of progressive house, but it was the heavyweight platinum success of 'Leftism' that established dance music as a credible album-shifter in the eyes of the industry. We'd waited five long years for Leftfield's first album, and it made good the wait. So many different tracks reached across all genres of club culture imaginable, like the candy sweet reggae house of 'Release The Pressure' or the darkly menacing lope 'Original', sung by indie vixen Toni Halliday. We also loved Liveism the tour, for its rib shattering, thunderous power. When they finish the book of 20th Century music, you'll find Leftism marked up as house music's 'Sergeant Pepper'.

voted #3 in the best albums of the dance era

review by Damian Morris, Dan Prince, Nick Jones, Sarah Mark, Anthony Teasdale, Nick Green and some other blokes (well, one of those people anyway!) (nicked from 'Heat', dated 22 December 1999)