LEFTFIELD describe themselves as electro-skank-full-moon frenzy types - exactly the sort of people I like to hang out with. Ex-MM fave Toni Halliday features on the forthcoming album, and this time last year they even came up with a hit in collaboration with Mr Johnny Lydon, a one time MM Single Of The Week.

So now you're impressed, but am I? Leftfield like to think they can be all things, to all people. Consequently, this four-track special edition EP begins with the melting moments of "Inspection (Check One)", vocal interference ragga style, and on to the restless rat-a-tat rave of "Black Flute". By the end, the music has turned eerie, even psychotic - and what the f*** do you call those strange, extremely pleasant sounding, percussive instruments?

Any other week and this would've made the top three. What holds me back is the fact I can't help thinking about how, once upon a time, one of the guys in this dance collective put out a really crap rave record under the name of a herbal tea bag. It's called making a buck, and not giving a shit. Leftfield, on the other hand, are moving outwards for inspiration. Techno spiced with the tribal: yeah, Leftfield are getting pretty damn good.

Single Of The Week

review by Ngaire-Ruth (nicked from Melody Maker, dated December 1994)