(pic: Tom Sheehan) If you helped place the ace "Leftism" album firmly in the Top Three then you'll know that "Original" is a Leftfield / celebrity link-up to rank with the Hollywood-terrorising Lydon collaboration "Open Up".

If not, where've ya been?

This time Toni Halliday gets to benefit from their sonic wizardry, and she in turn donates her most exquisitely spooked, crystal-cut vocal since Curve's "Ten Little Girls". But "Original" is far removed from that group's eventual goth-rock stodginess. The intro sounds like the launching of some faraway spacecraft (well, all right, Kraftwerk), the main chassis of the song is some inter-Galaxian funk, and some sampled guitars mimic the flight of a slightly malfunctioning Venusian Observer's Vehicle. (I know this because I live near Hebden Bridge.) Meanwhile, Toni Halliday ponders the virtues of purity, honesty and all that and asks, "Will it ever be the same again?"

If this gets onto "Top Of The Pops", I think not.

At this rate, Leftfield will soon be renaming themselves Mainstream.

Single Of The Week

review by Dave Simpson (nicked from Melody Maker, dated 11 March 1995)