press release for "Original"

When Leftfield release a single you have to prepare yourself for something very special. Hot from the unprecedented and well-deserved success of 'Leftism' (Going straight into the National Album Charts at No. 3), Leftfield open the next chapter with the release of the inspirational 'Original' as a single.

One of the tracks on the LP, Leftfield have called on the glorious Toni Halliday to provide the vocal edge. A name synonymous with the mighty Curve, she has applied her talents to the kind of bugged out chunky grooves that only Paul Daley and Neil Barnes know how to lug out of their machines.

The dark breakbeat-tinged LP version has been joined by the 'Live Dub' and some more really stunning new mixes. With the electro stabbing 'Jam' mix alongside the succulent splendour of the 'Drift', they more than meet the mark. On a different tip, the previously unreleased 'Filter Fish' sees the boys go on a trip to the dark soundscapes of Chicago and Detroit with the kind of ball-breaking head down dance groove that has pushed Paul to the top of the DJing field. Leftfield may have released a chart-topping national album, but their feet are still firmly planted in the sweaty depths of the dancefloor.

With the video direction handled by the great Mike Lipscombe (whose recent credits include the stunning 'Overcome' video for Tricky), 'Original' is all set to amplfty the success of the staggering 'Leftism' experience.