Beard-growingly long-awaited follow-up to Leftism finally breaks free from the studio.

Your buttocks might have been clenched in anticipation for another nine slabs of seat-shudderers after the Guinness pounder Phat Planet. But, cheeks unwind: Rhythm And Stealth is less mid-dancefloor Gatecrasher, more all-back-to-mine sofa soundtrack. Thank god. Bastard bad breaks bob along under super-farty synths and umpteen silly noises, while scaly vocals and large-arsed drums come and have a go ‘cos they know they’re hard enough. Scare your mates shitless when the basslines unfold.

Skip to: Phat Planet, Double Flash.

Soundbite: Laidback Lefties chop out the first chillout album with attitude.

***** (out of 5)

review by JF (nicked from 'Sky', dated October 1999)