Brace of cred-seeking remixes from '99-released second album.

Opinion's might differ about the quality of Leftfield's sophomore album, but at least it was a coherent artistic statement: here it's the A&R and marketing departments who are the true artists. On the plus side, techno DJ Dave Clarke takes the Guinness/Trance anthem Phat Planet out onto an altogether darker, more industrial dancefloor, Glasgow's Maas turns Dub Gussett into '80s Chicago House, while French house producer I'Cube pulls some spangly disco trousers onto El Cid. Elsewhere, dub reggae-influenced mixes of Chant Of A Poor Man and Rino's Prayer offer little extra insight beyond a fresh set of echo units. In parts, riveting for already on-message DJs but, for everyone else, little more than an interesting diversion.

*** (out of 5)

review by Frank Tope (nicked from 'Q', dated August 2000)